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Welcome to All-On-8 Dental Implants – the destination for advanced dental implants in Adelaide.

Are you struggling with significant teeth loss and are searching for a fixed full-arch restoration that can function like your natural teeth?

At All-On-8 Dental Implants, we offer state-of-the-art all-on procedures to help people receive a full-arch restoration.

All On 8 Dental Implants

We Know What Can Best Work For You

We offer a range of all-on procedures that provide durable and function options to patients with missing or damaged teeth. As an exclusive clinic for teeth implants in Adelaide, we focus on giving tailored solutions.

All On 4 Denture Implants Adelaide

The procedure involves fixing of four implants into your jawbone and mounting a custom-made dental bridge onto it. The procedure can give you immediate dental restoration and is suitable for patients with low jawbone density.


All On 5 Denture Implants Adelaide

The procedure has an additional implant that fixes the front incisors to your jawbone. It will give you improved biting power.


All On 6 Denture Implants Adelaide

Six implants will secure your dental bridge to your jaw seamlessly with a more even distribution of biting pressure.


All On 8 Denture Implants Adelaide

With eight implants, your dental bridge will function and appeal like a natural set of teeth. You will find better support and durability with our all-on-8 implants.


Treatment Procedure of Teeth Implants Adelaide

As a premier provider of denture implants in Adelaide, we provide excellent dental options for our patients who are struggling with damaged or missing teeth.

The Oral Examination

We have a team of qualified implant dentists who will examine your mouth, go through your dental history, and take x-rays and 3D images to find any underlying problems. Once we have examined your mouth, we can suggest the right all-on implant procedure for you.

The Treatment Plan

Based on the examination, we will create a tailored treatment plan that will give you detailed information regarding the treatment procedure, the ideal locations of the implant in your jaw, and the expected results of the procedure. We will also communicate the total cost of the procedure and confirm the need for bone grafting procedure if needed.

The Treatment Process

We will administer general anaesthesia and prepare your jawbone to receive the prosthetics. Then, our implant dentists will fix the implants to the jawbone, put sutures, and allow the implants to fuse with your jawbone naturally. Once the prosthetics are fused with your jawbone, we will fix a custom-made dental bridge onto your jaw to work like your natural teeth.

Why All-On-8 Dental Implants?

At All-On-8 Dental Implants, we have created a safeenvironment for our patients and focus on giving professional treatment options.

• Qualified and experienced implant dentists
• Modern systems and tools for accurate treatment delivery
• Affordable treatment options
• Painless treatment procedures
• Professional and seamless service experience

all on 6 dental implants

Areas We Serve in Adelaide

We provide All on 8, All on 4, All on 5 & All on 6 dental implant service in all Adelaide surrounding Suburbs like North Brighton, Henley Beach South, Henley Beach, Glenelg, Kensington, North Adelaide, Glenelg North, Toorak Gardens, St Peters, Black Forest and many more.

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