Dental Implant FAQs

  • Which is better: Denture or Dental Implant?
  • What are the benefits of denture implants?
  • What is the All-on-8 Dental Implant procedure?
  • What is the difference between all-on-4, all-on-5, all-on-6, and all-on-8?
  • How much all-on-8 dental implant costs?
  • Why choose all-on-8?
Which is better: Denture or Dental Implant?

Dentures are removable false teeth that can directly be placed onto the gums of the patients for a full-arch or partial restoration. It is also the choice for people who want more affordable teeth restoration option. Some patients may not have sufficient jawbone density or struggling with unhealthy gums to receive a fixed restoration like implants. And removable dentures are the ideal choice for them. Though the quality of dentures has improved significantly in recent years, the prosthetic may slip out while speaking or drinking.

Dental implants are fixed solutions that can work like a natural tooth. Through an invasive procedure, a titanium implant – a special type of screw – is fixed into the jawbone of your missing tooth and a custom-made dental crown is mounted on the implant. Although dental implants are an expensive restoration option, compared to dentures, they give highly durable results and prevent local bone degradation. Moreover, you will feel more confident as these fixed solutions do not slip out and improve your oral health.

What are the benefits of denture implants?

With the following benefits, denture implants are preferred dental restoration option for most patients across the globe:

  • The fixed full-arch dental restoration functions and appeals like natural teeth and improve the self-esteem of the patients
  • With implants fixed to jaw, the procedure helps patients to support jawbone and preserve their facial structure
  • The fixed solution is more comfortable for the patients – helps them to speak clearly and enjoy their favourite
  • It is the ideal choice for patients who lost a significant number of teeth from the upper or lower jaw and want a fixed, minimally invasive procedure to restore their complete smile
What is the All-on-8 Dental Implant procedure?

We have a streamlined procedure for our all-on treatments, including all-on-8. With a 3-stage procedure, we will help you rejuvenate your teeth .

  • Initial Consultation

Our implant dentists will examine your oral structure, go through the medical and dental history, take x-rays and 3D images, and confirm whether all-on-8 treatment can address your dental issues. We will also ensure that you have sufficient bone density to receive the implants. Otherwise, we may refer you a bone grafting procedure or suggest alternative treatment options.

  • Treatment Plan

Based on the examination, we will create a tailored treatment plan and communicate to you the total cost of the procedure for transparent service experience. The treatment plan will have the end-to-end procedure, the positions of the fixtures in your jawbone, the preparation of custom dental bridges, and more.

  • Treatment Process

Our implant dentists will administer local anesthesia, remove any teeth in the jaw, and prepare the jawbone to receive the implants. Through an invasive procedure, our dentists will fix the implants to your jawbone.

On the next day, we will place a custom-made denture onto your jaw, check the bites, make the necessary adjustments, and fix it to give you permanent restoration solution.

What is the difference between all-on-4, all-on-5, all-on-6, and all-on-8?

The major difference with these restoration options is the number of implants used for the procedures. As the names suggest, the procedures use 4, 5, 6, and 8 implants, respectively. With more implants, the dentures are more integrated into the jaws. This means that if you choose all-on-8 procedure, you will get a more solid placement of dental bridge in your mouth compared to other procedures.

The additional implants of all-on-8 make it more durable and help it to function like natural teeth. The implants support the jawbones and help them to retain the facial aesthetics of the patients. That means all-on-8 helps the patients to maintain the health of their jaws and gums better.

How much all-on-8 dental implant costs?

Your oral condition and individual requirements determine the final price of the all-on-8 procedure. If you have poor jawbones, we may need to make corrections before the dental restoration procedure. Also, if you need rehabilitation for both upper and lower jaw, it can reflect in the final prices.

If you prefer a subsequent final bridge to get a more tailored solution, it can increase the total cost further. However, most all-on-8 procedures cost $20,000–35,000 per jaw.

Why choose all-on-8?

Since the procedure uses 8 implants, dental bridges will be firmly integrated onto your jaw. You will also find the full-arch restoration more comfortable and work like natural teeth. The fixed restoration option will make you more confident and help you to enjoy your favourite foods.

All-on-8 restoration is highly durable and helps patients to retain their jawbone density and facial structure.


Surgical or invasive procedures carry risks. Before proceeding with the procedures, get a second opinion from an independent health practitioner.


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